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Makari Voile de Corps Hand & Body Lotion 500ml

PRODUCT TYPE: Hand/Body Lotion

VENDOR: Makari


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 Makari Voile de Corps Hand & Body Lotion 500ml

The speciality of Makari Hand & Body Lotion lies in its ability to penetrate deep into the skin without leaving behind any greasy residue. Specially formulated to help hydrate and restore suppleness of skin, this lotion has a silky feel to it and works best when applied right after bathing or showering. Makari Hand & Body lotion can totally change the way you feel about your skin by helping to enhance all the aspects (smoothness, elasticity, moisture, vibrance, etc.) that are important for achieving a great looking skin.

    • A silky, oil-free lotion
    • Helps to hydrate and nourish skin thoroughly
    • Aims to enhance skin elasticity and make it smoother
    • Designed to penetrate deep into skin to enhance its overall appearance
    • Thoroughly moisturises but does not leave behind oily residue

How can Makari Hand & Body Lotion help my skin?

Makari Hand & Body lotion is a silky, oil-free formula that aims to positively affect the overall appearance and feel of your skin. The skin-benefiting properties of Makari Hand & Body Lotion are all due to the natural ingredients it contains. These ingredients are specially chosen for their known ability to nourish, hydrate, enhance the elasticity and soften skin. Enjoy all of these benefits without leaving behind any greasy residue.

Similarly to other natural skin care products, time taken to experience significant skin benefits from using Makari Hand & Body Lotion also varies on an individual basis.

Is there any specific method of using Makari Hand & Body Lotion?

No, there is not. Use Makari Hand & Body Lotion just as you would use any ordinary lotion. Simply apply a sufficient quantity of this skin enhancer evenly all over your body after bath, or shower, to gain from its skin benefits.

Makari Voile de Corps Hand & Body Lotion 500ml

Makari Voile de Corps Hand & Body Lotion 500ml